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cole broadway (@c_broadway on instagram) is an arkansas-based rock climber who is traveling with nativ ambassador luc ried to climb, camp and adventure across colorado. both luc and cole will be sharing their travel highlights with us.

what is your hometown?

batesville, arkansas

how did you get into climbing?

luc and i went to the lyon college boulder wall when i was in the 8th grade and i instantly knew i found a sport i loved.

what kind of climbing do you do?

i am into lead climbing and bouldering.

where was your best climb ever? why was it the best?

my favorite climb was at horseshoe canyon ranch. it was a 5.9+ mollet buttress and was a super fun route: not too hard but with some sweet moves in it.

what does “living nativ” mean to you?

living nativ is all about enjoying the outdoors, really loving everything that nature has to offer. for me, it is climbing, fishing, kayaking, and pretty much anything outdoors!

cole broadway rock climbinb


what quote/song lyric inspires you?

“anything worth doing is worth overdoing"

~ Mick Jagger

how would your friends describe you?

active yet laid back.

what is the plan? is there a plan?

we are going to drive to the top of colorado and work our way down until new mexico and have fun along the way.

what is on your packing list?

rain gear always!! i am also gonna pack heavy jackets and pants just in case of snow. And i am definitely packing climbing gear, eno chairs, and hammocks for relaxing.

what are the things you definitely want to do on this trip?

there is a route in colorado, it is on an arête and about 90 feet tall called edge of time and it's a 5.9. we plan on going to a specific place that allows people to go and pet a wolf. and I am always up for food!

cole broadway rock climbing

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