colorado roadtripping with luc ried, week one

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nativ ambassador luc ried is road tripping through colorado this summer and we are following along here on the blog, living vicariously through his shared adventures. he just completed his first week on the roads and trails. check out some of the views and experiences he has had so far!


 "my life is nothing without adventure."


thursday, june 16:
luc and cole set out on the 17 hour road trip

“there's always something bittersweet about leaving your home to go on a long trip. on one hand you're going to end up in a beautiful place, with amazing rock, a great climbing community, and good weather, but on the other hand you're leaving behind a place and people that you want to be around, and will really miss.”

luc ried and cole broadway leave for colorado road trip


friday, june 17:
the long hours of driving on end continue

“be sure and enjoy the journey, not just the destination.”

saturday, june 18:
“the 17 hours of driving is worth it for the views you get in estes park.”

luc ried and cole broadway arrive in estes park colorado


“we climbed ‘the edge of time,’ a sandbagged 5.9 with a great view. it's about a 80-90 foot pitch with 4 bolts and an old piton, which didn't inspire very much confidence in me when i lead it.”

cole broadway on the edge of time photo by luc ried

sunday, june 19:
the truck is the makeshift campsite for luc and cole

“today was our second day in estes; we climbed some classic routes, and realized that acclimatization is a real deal. i look forward to a couple more days here before heading south.”

“this is what our downtime looks like on the trip, cole is in the truck reading, and i'm on the porch reading a book (book: ‘be you. do good’).

luc ried estes park colorado camping


“fly fishing on the big thompson in estes park.”

luc ried fly fishing on the big thompson in estes park

monday, june 20:
day four in estes park, co

“i feel extremely lucky to be able to have views like this all around me. today the plan is to go lead a climb called ‘andrology,’ climb a few more routes, then get back on the road and head down to boulder for a few days.”

colorado mountain range image by luc ried


“here i was flaking out the rope to set up a toprope on ‘andrology’ after giving it a lead attempt. hard to tell, but there's a 100-foot over-hanging route beneath where i'm sitting. tonight we are at a real campground in boulder, and will head to the flatirons tomorrow for hiking and some climbing, hopefully."

luc ried flaking out rope in colorado

tuesday, june 21:

“today is our first full day in boulder, so we will be exploring the possibilities for climbing today, and then climbing for the next couple days before heading south. it's such a beautiful area.”

view of boulder colorado mountains photo by luc ried

wednesday, june 22:

“we spent the day hiking and climbing at the flatirons, an amazing place. tomorrow will probably be the last full day in boulder before heading down to golden for awhile!”

luc ried sitting on a mountain in colorado

thursday, june 23:
first full day in golden, colorado

“tyrolean traverses aren't something you get to do in arkansas, so when cole and I heard that the approach to cascade crag in boulder canyon was a tyrol then a three minute walk, we jumped on the opportunity. it's fun to dangle over class 4 rapids on a rope that’s frayed and is missing its sheath on one end.”

tyrolean traverse in colorado with luc ried

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