the mayfly project: why we give

nativ gives to the mayfly project


we created nativ for our love of home combined with a spirit to wander and seek adventure. as we've grown the business and our product line of t-shirts, hoodies and hats, we've been looking for a mission that allows us to share our success with others and reinvigorates our passion.

we found our new mission.
from now on, when you are purchasing from nativ, you are part of a movement to help foster kids find their home to love:

5% of pre-tax profits at nativ will be given to The Mayfly Project this year.

learn about The Mayfly Project by watching the video below.

we are so excited to be a part of The Mayfly Project. we are honored and proud that The Mayfly Project has agreed to partner with us and allowed us to help make life better for foster kids across the country.

we are still going to make t-shirts. but now our t-shirts have a purpose.

The Mayfly Project Logo