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why the mammoth?

Posted on 17 November 2016

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our affinity with the mammoth came to life gradually. an unforced evolution of two entities separated by millions of years and thousands of miles. like the mammoth, the inception of the nativ brand and philosophy was inspired by a long, wandering journey across this vast and beautiful land. we prefer our journeys and adventures to move at their own pace in the call of a general direction with no set or particular destination. like the mammoth, we are in touch with, and nourish, our instinctual need to roam. the breath of new and unknown spaces is as important to our being as air to our lungs. we respect and emulate the mammoths slow, steady, unhurried pace as we wander through our adventures leaving little trace of our presence on our path. at nativ, we believe that taking the back roads and going the long way make the journey all the more rewarding. we head in the direction of inspiration and take our time getting there, wherever “there” may be. much like the mammoth, our innate need to roam is not only unhurried, it is unstoppable.

shop the mammoth evolution

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