meet brett tucker, nativ owner

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~ it started with a suit and tie ~

like matt, brett tucker wandered into the t-shirt business. brett started his post-college career wearing a suit and tie every day. from an advertising agency and an insurance agency, to commercial real estate and ultimately owning his own residential real estate business, brett gained valuable business experience, honed his sales skills, learned financial management and felt the entrepreneurial tug that eventually brought him to co-ownership of nativ.

you wouldn’t recognize brett from his suit-and-tie days when you meet him today. back in the day, brett was the stereotypical picture of young business man: working endless hours, stressed, and making a steadily-growing income. but he was plagued by the feeling that he was missing something, that there was something different and better out there for him. brett would talk to matt and see the joy from creating a product he believed in. though brett was not a risk taker, the timing seemed perfect when he and matt talked about brett joining nativ. it was 2010 and today brett is free spirit, happy in his daily endeavors with nativ.

matt abbott and brett tucker laughing

~ living nativ ~

when brett started working at nativ, it was just matt and brett printing t-shirts in a corner of another company’s warehouse with less-than-perfect equipment. it was hot, hard work and he loved every minute of it. still today he says those days were some of the most fun. they took off to go fishing, camping and kayaking when the days were pretty, and slung paint on screenprints all the rest of the days. soon they were running the business out of brett’s home basement before growing into a warehouse space of their own.

~ on the personal side ~

brett lives in little rock with his wife kacie and dogs whiskey, river and ernie. one of his favorite things to do in life is to sit in the back yard with his wife and friends, huddled around a fire. brett and his wife love to travel, listen to live music, go fishing, and volunteer for the causes close their hearts.

brett tucker and his wife kacie with a fish they caught

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