get to know jeremy tryon, nativ featured photographer

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jeremy tryon (@dvineblu on instagram) is an arkansas-based wanderer with a camera always in his hand. jeremy is spending the summer in alaska, working and adventuring, and taking nativ along with him.

jeremy tryon in nativ teton tshirt

what is your hometown?

conway, arkansas

What kind of sports/outdoor activities do you do?

kayaking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, photography

jeremy tryon skipping rocks in alaska

what does “living nativ” mean to you?

living nativ means being at peace and being one with nature and your surroundings. it's about your love for nature and culture. living nativ is truly being alive.

what quote/song lyric inspires you?

"courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear."

how would your friends describe you?

calm, present, reliable, fair, creative, outgoing, receptive, passionate

what inspires you?

exploration and nature

alaska mountain range by jeremy tryon

why are you in alaska? how did this trip come together?

i am working at a resort outside of denali national park. i used my degree in hospitality to get me up here so i could explore.

who are you traveling with and how do you all know each other?

i came alone, but i have made many friends up here.

what is the plan? is there a plan?

i will be in alaska until the end of september, then I'll be heading to thailand for a month.

what is on your packing list?

hiking bag, sleeping bag, and of course, my camera.

what are the things you definitely want to do on this trip?

i plan to do lots of hiking, glacier landing, white water rafting, and just general exploring.

alaka landscape by jeremy tryon

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