camping surrounded by history

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cecil cove loop at the buffalo river is one of those lesser traveled areas of arkansas. but it is a trail and camping site that offers more than just beautiful scenery like bluffs, creeks and waterfalls. you will find all of those things in abundance. but you will also find an intricate cave system, the historic cemetery and ruins of old cabins. and the cave system is most impressive: there is even a cave where church services were once held. keep in mind that the caves are closed to the public without permit because of the white nose syndrome that bats get. but you will even come across one of the deepest sinkholes in the ozarks.

going to cecil cove loop takes some commitment: you will drive down rarely accessed dirt roads, then park and hike at least three miles to camp grounds in the middle of the woods. but the throne-like rock constructions around the camp fire locations make the camping experience extra special. the multiple creek crossings and a walk over a beaver damn make the hike worthwhile. and being able to put your face to the stream and to get a fresh drink of water from the van dyke spring feels like being one with nature.

even for a one night camping excision from little rock, cecil cove loop is a fulfilling trip that makes if feel like you’ve traveled deep into the trails of arkansas.

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