the nativ story

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there’s something that stirs in all of us…a call for freedom; a break from the ordinary. it’s different for all of us. for matt abbott, it was simple, he wanted to live nativ…to wander far. freedom called, he answered. matt quit his job, sold all his stuff, packed his car, and hit the road – destination: no clue.

his travels took him from his nativ arkansas to maine, the everglades, finger lakes in new york, the black hills of south dakota, swamps of the carolinas, and plenty of stops along the way—never using interstates, only back roads, and sleeping in tents. each night, he would pull out the map and decide where to wander the next day.

throughout matt’s journey, he was inspired by real people and real places and gained a true appreciation for what our world had to offer. he also learned that living nativ doesn’t just mean where you’re from; it’s where you are. it’s experiencing a transformation as these places become a part of who you are.

the nativ brand was born out of that state of mind. matt wanted to challenge people to go out and discover their own inner nativ. he traveled across the country but still managed to discover that every place has its own story and it was up to him to go out and be a part of it; to not just live life, but to liv nativ.

so, how do you liv nativ?

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