sending positive energy in every shipment

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to us, preparing your shirts for shipment is about much, much more than folding t-shirts properly. we are not just sending shirts; we are sending positive energy, happiness and hopefully, your new favorite t-shirt.

we are serious about that “positive energy.” there is energy -- positive and negative -- in the universe. we believe we can grasp the positive energy and consciously put it into another object -- your t-shirt -- when we package and ship your orders.

“energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ~ albert einstein

this positive energy starts when we are making the shirts. “when i am printing a shirt, i think, ‘this could be someone’s favorite tshirt.’ no one really just grabs a t-shirt. there is a conscious thought that gets put into what you are going to ‘say’ today. it is how you feel. a t-shirt with graphics is a representation of what is inside that shirt: you,” says nativ founder matt abbott. “we design and send shirts thinking that the shirt you buy and we send will be the one that you want to pull out of the drawer to wear before any other shirt.”

~ energy is contagious ~

there is nothing “strict” about the environment we maintain at our office and warehouse, but we have strict policies about positive energy at our office, especially when packing t-shirts: if someone is having a bad day, they cannot touch the shirts. we do not want to send any negative energy through our products.

~ gratitude generates happiness ~

the two founders write each of the thank you notes that are included in every package we send. even if you only order a sticker, you get a thank you note. with all the technology available to us, it is easy to lose the personal touch. we hand write our notes to stay connected. and we saw a significant reduction in stress inside the company when we started writing thank you notes. again, we attribute this to the power of positive thinking. and we pass that positivity through to you as the recipient.

~ happiness is our business philosophy ~

we make t-shirts that make people happy. making t-shirts makes us happy people. yes, nativ is a business, but we don’t believe that constant bottom-line thinking makes our business successful. our business is successful because we lead with compassion, we act with generosity and we live by the golden rule.

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